Zine Making Webinars

We are offering a free Zine making webinar for any organisation who thinks that their staff, service users or both would enjoy taking part. If you are interested, please contact ruth.naughton-doe@sheffield.ac.uk . This Zine making webinar was inspired by Malaka Gharib‘s Quaranzine online workshop. Credit to her for the questions posed for each page.

What happens in a zine making webinar?

The webinar lasts about an hour and is tailored to each organisation. There are four parts to the webinar:

Part One: Ruth will talk about zines and the Alone but Together project

Part Two: Ruth will talk you through how to fold a zine (scroll down below for links to instructions and videos)

Part Three: Ruth will guide you through making your first zine. Each page should take no longer than 2-3 minutes to create. It doesn’t have to be perfect! (scroll down below for the prompts used in the workshop)

Part Four: We will have time to share our creations, ask questions and give feedback

For one of the workshops for the Centre for Loneliness Studies, Ruth did a presentation about zines and research. Please use the link below to download the full presentation for the webinar.

Information about how to fold a zine:

Text instructions:


Video instructions:

Or you can watch a video Ruth Naughton-Doe who runs zine making webinars made:

Questions asked to create the Zine about your experiences of lock down:

Page 1 – The front cover

You can do this later on – leave it blank for now!

Page 2 – What part of your life has changed the most living under lock down?

Page 3 – What has been the hardest part of living under lock down?

Page 4 What is something that has given you joy?

Page 5 – What is something new that you learnt about yourself?

Page 6 What do you miss the most about life pre-pandemic?

Page 7 What is the first thing you want to do when life goes back to normal?

Page 8 The back page- you decide!

You could decorate it, do a self-portrait, do a self-portrait with your eyes closed!

If you are stuck, you could ask what gives you hope for the future.

Now return to Page 1 and design a front cover