About the UK Covid-19 Stories Project

We’ve all been affected by isolation since the Covid-19 pandemic and this project aims to encourage reconnection through the sharing of experiences. We hope to capture the diverse stories of people during lockdown, and are asking for contributions such as a zine, poem, drawing, painting, piece of writing, short video, or audio clip telling us about your experiences of self-isolation. The contributions will be curated into an electronic zine.

This project is linked to the ‘Alone but Together – Connecting through Storytelling’ project at the University of Sheffield, Centre for Loneliness Studies. The project will curate stories and publish them in a collaborative zine and Centre blog post.

As part of the project, Ruth Naughton-Doe is offering free webinars for organisations interested in hosting a zine making event for their staff or service users. Find out more here

If you would like to make a zine- here is a little video to help you fold an 8 page mini zine!