Glastonbury 2020 (at home) – ‘hope shines the brightest in the dark’

Helen Bolt, from Sheffield, writes:

Festivals are such an important feature in my life and I have been attending Glastonbury for 26 years.

To mark the occasion this year we  recreated a mini festival in our garden on what should have been Glastonbury Festivals 50th anniversary. This felt like a little normality during lockdown, in what has been a very abnormal year.

Following its cancellation Glastonbury Festival adopted the phrase “Hope shines brightest in the dark”. This is a phrase that I can identify with and one which brings me comfort. Hope is such a powerful word, and through the many challenges that still lay ahead it is hope that will continue to drive us forward. While working at home throughout Covid I feel blessed to have experienced human resilience, co-operation and a sense of community which has enabled me to remain connected to others, even in isolation. This experience has provided me with hope that whatever the future holds we will face it head on, together. Long term our new normality may be better than the one we have been forced to leave behind.

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